The youth art work weekly


A ‘Cathedral’ of Characters in Northern Spain

An abandoned furniture factory 40 kilometers outside of Barcelona, Spain, becomes a display hub for young cartoonists, illustrators and portratists.


Amid Conflict, Life and Art. Young people in Goma

The project documents Goma’s young generation as they make sense of their lives and try to find their way forward from childhood trauma fueled by constant death, foreign occupation and political instability. The photographs capture youths who use sports and grass-roots activism as outlets, but pay particular attention to the arts — one of the few avenues Ms. Keyssar said youths have for self-expression. “It’s pretty accepted in the human condition that pain creates great art and inspires social change.” Natalie Keyssar

Aden: Youth’s open-air art gallery to deal with post-war trauma

Adenis confront postwar-traumas with peaceful paintings. An outdoor youth art gallery, openend on Tuesday, January 5th.



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